Web Development

Cost $5000 + Hosting Fee(About $125) + Domain Registration Fee(usually about $15.00)

Designer’s Responsibilities:

1. Create all web pages as those on the current site(UP TO 40 PAGES) or up to 20 pages of a new site. Additional pages will be $20 per page.

2. Add an online store to work with your current paypal account with up to 20 items. Additional items will be $20 per item.

3. New Logo if requested

4. Adhere to Google SEO Webmaster Guidelines

5. Provide additional resources for SEO that may be purchased by third parties

6. Complete the site in four weeks from the day we receive all information necessary.

7. Check current site host for compatibility of new site.

8. Provide owner with usernames and passwords for new site

9. 2 Hours of training on how to update the site. Additional Hours of training are $125 per Hour

Owner’s Responsibilities:

1. Provide webhost. We recommend hosting with Siteground.com. The following is a discount link to purchase web hosting and a domain name. Usually, the domain name will be free and the first year of hosting discounted when using this link. Discount Link. The 3.95 per Month plan is usually the best place to start. You can always upgrade later if needed. Please note that they will charge your card 3.95 * 12 so you will pay the first year in full which works out to be about $47.40. Next year, the plan may go up to $9.99 per month since you are getting more than a 50% discount on the first year.

2. Provide usernames and passwords for current site if needed.

3. Provide all text and graphics for the site including logo unless otherwise requested. We can create a logo and find pictures and graphics if you desire at no extra charge.

4. Provide direction as to which items should be in the main menu and their order. If you choose, we will do this for you.

5. if you provide any photos, they must be from a stock photo site or otherwise free to use share or modify even commercially. In case of copyright infringement, the owner is responsible for any graphics he/she provides.

6. Decide on domain name if it is a new website. We can help you find names that are available.

7. Provide payments on the schedule that is agreed upon. We do accept payment plans. We also accept mastcard, Visa and Paypal.

If you are a non-profit, ask about discount pricing.


Web Management

$175 per month-includes 1 minor changes per week. Additional changes are $25 each.